Surgitron (Mole/Skin Tag Removal)

Mole Removal – Introducing Radiowave Technology:

 Today, everyone wants to look younger and have beautiful skin. However, the skin is typically the first area to show signs of ageing.  Thanks to Radiowave technology, many unsightly growths and facial veins can be removed, resulting in smoother, more attractive skin.

Radiowave technology uses high-frequency energy to make cosmetic-enhancing incisions.  Healing is rapid and with little or no bruising or swelling. Suturing is rarely needed.

Cosmetic Radiowave surgery patients heal quickly and start enjoying their results immediately.  Radiowave procedures are effective on many types of skin lesions, including:

  • Age spots
  • Moles and raised lesions
  • Skin tags
  • Small red facial veins
  • Warts
  • Skin surface irregularities

Best of all, Radiowave technology is done in our clinic by highly trained Doctor and Nurse.

How does it work?

Radiowave technology is the passage of high-frequency radiowaves into the skin for the purpose of eliminating lesions with minimal discomfort and rapid healing. It differs from surgery when radiowaves are used instead of a scalpel or laser, only the tissue immediately adjacent to the wire electrode is affected.  This results in less bleeding than with a scalpel and scarring is often minimised.  Recovery after Radiowave surgery is often shorter and more comfortable than after laser surgery.  This is because lasers generate more heat in the tissue, which could lead to more redness, burning and inflammation.

Who is the best candidate & how many treatments will I need?

Anyone wishing to improve his or her appearance is a potential candidate.  In most cases 2 visits are required – One visit for the procedure and the other visit for a follow up.  However, every person is different and some treatments may require several visits.

Facial Vein Removal
Introducing Radiosurgery Technology:

Now you can remove those small, unsightly purple and red “Spider Veins” that appear on your face of other parts of your body, quickly and comfortably with minimal discomfort or recovery time.  It’s called Radiosurgery!

How does Radiosurgery work?

Radiosurgery is the passage of ultra-high frequency radio waves into the skin to eliminate facial veins.  The term “radio” surgery is used because the frequency is higher than AM radio, but lower than the frequency of television. Radiosurgery makes very fine, precise, gentle punctures.  A thin micro-insulated wire is gently inserted into the unwanted vein.  Only the tissue cells immediately adjacent to the electrode are affected.

How does Radiosurgery differ from other procedures?

Lasers and Cautery are less delicate than Radiosurgery and can cause excessive tissue burns.  This causes slower healing, with more redness and inflammation.  Radiosurgery can be done at Mandurah Anti-Ageing Clinic and the procedure takes only a few minutes. Usually only topical anesthesia is used. You will only feel a little tingling feeling and bleeding is minimal. The benefits of Radiosurgery means excellent and consistent results with minimal to no bruising, swelling, scarring or other complications – plus Radiosurgery is gentle, effective and you’ll have minimal recovery time.  The amount of treatments you will need will depend on the amount of veins present. Occasionally, a brief second visit may be needed.

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