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Lipomassage – BODY TREATMENTS.

N˚1 slimming Technique in France and Hollywood. NO NEEDLES OR SURGERY – JUST LAY BACK AND LET US DO ALL THE WORK!

This cellular stimulation treatment is performed with roll technology. Patented treatment heads equipped with independent, motorized rollers delicately manipulate the skin tissues to target the underlying cells (fibroblasts or adipocytes).

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, weight loss plans…….you’ve done everything to lose those unsightly fat bulges but that stubborn fat just won’t budge!  NOW IT WILL! ENDERMOLOGIE is a non-surgical solution for stubborn fat, cellulite and loose sagging skin.  ASK US HOW!

Lipomassage is used for:

  • Fat & Cellulite.
  • Lift and tighten – Reshaping your body and keeping your skin firm.
  • Regain your figure after pregnancy.
  • Eliminate stubborn fat.
  • If you going through menopause, but don’t want to undergo the hormonal changes that thicken the waist, back, and arms the Lipomassage can help you.
  • Love handles.
  • Are you losing weight, and you want to sculpt your body.
  • Have you lost weight, and you want to keep your skin firm and elastic?

Endermologie therapy:

  • Sporting injuries, Inflammation, Aches
  • Stiffness.
  • Oedema (fluid retention).

Cellulite smoothing treatment :

This treatment is designed to slim the figure and eliminate those resistant fat pockets that refuse to budge with weight-loss, diets and exercise. The deep, targeted action of the roll’in skin fold, reaches the very core of adipose fat tissue to engage the ß receptors responsible for lipolysis, and fat elimination. The figure is slimmer and the stubborn fatty areas are finally erased. This treatment targets the ‘orange peel’, dimpling effect of cellulite. The precise stimulations of roll’up, gently stretches the skin tissues and helps eliminate fat deposits.

The results? Cellulite dimples are diminished and the skin is visibly smoother and softer.

Endermobody firming treatment:

Cellular regeneration treatment, restores skin resilience and firmness. The roll´out sequential stimulations of this treatment, regenerates cellular activity to increase tissue elasticity and tighten loose skin. As tissues are stretched and fibroblast cells are stimulated, collagen and elastin are produced which are essential for supple, firmer skin.

Endermobody resculpting treatment:

A body remodelling treatment using a non-surgically and natural liposculpture technique for a stunning figure.  Lipomassage, treats adipose fat tissue at its core, completely resculpting the upper body.  The intensive roll’in skin fold stimulates the cell’s ß receptors, which are responsible for lipolysis (fat elimination). As love handles and stomach paunches disappear, the buried abs and torso muscles reappear.  This treatment is applied to such patient specific problem areas as the torso, pectorals, abdominal muscles and back. The skin fold precision technology adapts perfectly to bodies of all shapes and sizes to recontours the bodies’ ideal proportions without sacrificing his or her curves.

For men too – Lipomassage is highly effective on men – love handles, stomach paunches, chest flab.

Liftmassage – FACE TREATMENTS.

A NON-INVASIVE FACE treatment with spectacular results:

Lift technology is specially designed to treat the delicate tissue of the face, neck and décolleté area. Liftmassage acts like a natural face lift. The treatment heads, equipped with flaps, create a stimulating tissue wave that resonates deep beneath the skin to the core of fibroblast cells – in so doing, relaunching collagen and elastin production to visibly redensify aging skin. With adjustable intensities and speeds, customized anti-aging treatments may be designed according to each client’s specific needs. A personalized evaluation is always done before treatments as this ensures that a precise, customized solution is created for each client’s unique problem areas.

Liftmassage is used for:

  • Face.
  • Neck.
  • Décolletage (chest).
  • Eyes.
  • Double chin.
  • SCARS –after surgery.

Eye lift treatment

Liftmassage targets the eye area to erase all visible signs of fatigue and restore a youthful appearance. Deep brow furrows that make expressions look severe and the crow’s feet that prematurely ages faces are smoothed away. The collagen building action fills them in from the inside out. By increasing blood microcirculation, eyes are “depuffed” and dark circles are diminished. As the uplifting action of the treatment head is applied to the eyebrows and eyelids, the expression of the eyes are opened to make the face look youthful and refreshed. When applied to the eyelids and eyebrows, the lifting effect tightens the area and gives eyes a fresh, rested and youthful look.

Redensifying Anti-Wrinkle treatment

This powerful, all-natural lift treatment visibly corrects expression lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet – smoothing away even the most stubborn of facial furrows.  Lift stimulation revitalizes the cells metabolism, especially fibroblast cells, prompting them to secrete collagen and elastin which makes skin firm and resilient.  The treatment also reorganizes collagen fibres to make the skin’s underlying architecture harmonious with a stronger structure. Lines and wrinkles are filled from within – naturally… while the face is softened and smoothed, one’s expression stays beautifully animated for a dramatically younger look that lasts.

Instant Skin-Glow treatment

Reinvigorate a tired, dull complexion. Boosting microcirculation, this unique face and neck stimulation drains away harmful toxins and generates oxygen and nutrients to purify and nourish tissues. Skin looks radiant and feels velvety soft – it’s a special event essential!

Collagen Activator Firming Treatment

This powerful anti-aging treatment firms and redensifies aging skin to reshape the face. Liftmassage’s targeted cellular regeneration naturally reactivates collagen and elastin production for a filling effect and supple, firmer skin. Slackening facial contours are resculptured and the skin is tightened and toned.

Total Cellular Regeneration Lift Treatment

This incredible youth activating treatment, revitalizes cellular activity to restore the youthful appearance of the face, neck and décolleté area. Inspired by clinical research of cultured skin cells, the exclusive combination of this in-depth Liftmassage treatment fills facial hollows, lines and wrinkles from within, as it restores the skin’s smooth and youthful resilient appearance.

Detox – Energising Lift TREATMENT

When the skin is exposed to pollutants or the body lacks sleep, the complexion takes on a dull, fatigued appearance. When a Liftmassage treatment is applied to the face and neck area, the stimulation of this application drains toxins and purifies the skin. Oxygen is recirculated throughout the atrophied and suffocated tissues to brighten the skins complexion. Also great for double chins!  This treatment combines several of our exclusive techniques designed to trim a double chin. The treatment begins with a relaxing action that drains away water retention and decongests swollen tissues. Following, the double chin adipose tissue is intensively stimulated and trapped fat is released. The result? A chiselled, younger-looking face that’s radically slimmer.

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