Acne is an extremely common disease: about 40% of young people suffer from it to one degree or another. There is a tendency for the problem to be underestimated because of its everyday occurrence. Many young people suffer from emotional disturbances as a result and react with anxiety and depression.

Teen acne is common because active hormones cause an excess of oil. What you eat, how much you exercise and how often you wash your face and body have very little influence. The main culprit is genetics, excess oil and excess dead skin cells. Most believe acne is a teenage disease but acne affects adults too; more than half of adult women and about a quarter of adult men suffer from the psychological, social and physical effects of the disease.

Just what is acne?

Acne happens when the oil glands (pores) in the skin become blocked. The congested pores (Comedones) are also known as whiteheads or blackheads. Whiteheads are closed comedones that appear on your skin as small, white bumps. This is an accumulation of oil that is not exposed to air therefore the lesion turns into a whitehead.

A blackhead occurs when the pore is open and the hair follicle is filled with dead skin cells, bacteria and oil (sebum). The area is exposed to air, causing oxidation turning the clogged area a brown/black colour. This is not dirt and cannot be washed away. Papules are the tender red bumps known as ‘zit’s’ or ‘pimples’. They contain no puss but are inflamed and tender to touch. Pustules appear on the surface of the skin as small, red lesions with a yellow or white centre that is a puss-filled sore. The face, back, neck and chest are mainly affected because they have the highest number of oil glands.

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Your skin and your acne are unique to you. This means we will need to find a treatment that works best for your situation:

  • General Skin Care/Topical Treatments
  • General Health Care and Diet
  • Vitamin A Treatments
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Benzoylperoxide
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormone Treatments
  • Chemical Peels
  • IPL

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