Medical Facials

Facial Treatments

Remove years with our complete medical facial treatments performed by our Registered Nurse & Aestheticians – results that really work!

Did you know that when you’re in your 20’s your skin rejuvenates itself approximately every 20 days, in your 30’s approximately every 30 days and in your 40’s approximately every 40 days?

70% of Anti-Ageing can be done at home with the right products! Its True!

Environ products are based on Vitamin A and antioxidants, as integral ingredients for the health of your skin. Vitamin A helps skin cells form according to the functions they’re intended to perform. Without Vitamin A beautiful skin would not exist.

When you have a trusted brand by your side that’s backed by expert research, beautiful skin is easy to achieve when you know how. The great new is that it doesn’t matter how you’ve treated your skin in the past, how old you are, or what the condition of your skin is today, it can always be improved. That’s because it’s constantly rejuvenating itself, a scientific fact that forms the basis of the success and efficiency of Environ.

Nature is incredibly kind. New skin cells are constantly created in the bottom layer of your skin. The beauty of your skin depends on the health of these newly created cells. If they are healthy and strong your skin will glow with health. These cells move to the surface and eventually fall off, are rubbed or, if you use a suitable exfoliate, are gently removed. So you’re given a lifetime’s worth of chances at getting great skin. What makes it tricky is that the rate at which new cells are produced slows as you get older, so the younger you start a basic skin care routine the better.

Environs’ key to successful skin is our unique step up system which enables the skin to acclimatize to the highest, effective dose of topical vitamin A.

Environs range is extensive for all skin conditions – come on in and have a FREE consultation so you get the right product for the right job!

”Beautiful skin is a journey. Make the journey with your skin’s best friend – Environ”

Medical Facials
& Peels

  • Anti Aging Scan: Consult & treatment plan with Nurse (up to1 hr and 15min )
  • Medical Must Peels: (performed by Reg Nurse)
  • Cool Peels: removing dead cells and reducing the appearance of premature ageing.
  • Medical Facials: All Facials are medical.
  • Medical Resurfacing; (younger, firmer skin with one treatment)

Free Consultation available to ask any questions you have regarding your skin – with Nurse

Facial Analysis

Skin Analysis – Free

Anti Ageing Plan – (1 ¼ hrs) – at this meeting we will scan your skin with a medically diagnostic machine and then discuss any issues with your skin and also work out a treatment plan giving you a firm quotation and discount. Know what you should do before you start. Well worth it. (Performed by Reg Nurse)

Facials – For Him & Her

Intraceuticals Oxygen Intense Infusion Facials – O2 therapy: The unique combination of purest Oxygen and 02 Salon’s Hyaluronic Serum replenishes the skin with antioxidants and nourishing vitamins. The results are remarkable. (30 min)

  • Rejuvenation – Pigmentation
  • Clarity – Acne.
  • Atoxalene – Plumping
  • Deluxe Oxygen Infusion

Environ Facial

Results Driven! Truly amazing facials – if you want a facial that really works then these are for you. Truly medical and you will see the difference.

Designed by world renown leader in skin Dr Des Fernandes

  • Design 4 U – designed just for your skin – we analyse your skin and design a facial especially for you.
  • Very Vitamin – Ultra hydration.
  • Active Acne – get the confidence to show your face to the world!
  • Anti Ageing Peel – facial for skin that is tired, dehydrated and needs a cool peel.
  • Intense Anti Aging – Vitamin A, C & E.
  • Lunchtime Lift – boost of Vitamin C & E with a cool peel
  • Repair & Restore – Fine aged skin.
  • Active Acne – Acne skin needs extra lifting of dead cells and oil control
  • Skin Surprise – Vitamin C for pigmentation.
  • Rosacea Repair – For Rosacea and broken capillaries.

Payment Plans are Available

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