Treatment of varicose veins

Dilated blood vessels, also called varicose or spider veins, have a red or blue or purple colour and appear on the surface of the body, particularly the legs. On the face and upper body their character is slightly different to those on the lower body, as are their causes. These vessels can be unsightly and can produce a dull aching of the legs after prolonged standing, as well as cause disease if left untreated.

Veins of all sizes are now treatable by injection Sclerotherapy with the incredible technological advancement in this field in the last 10 years. A solution is injected that will cause the veins to disappear, or at least become much smaller. This is a very well established technique that has been in use for around a century. Even very large veins can be treated by injection sclerotherapy, avoiding the need for surgery in some cases. The solution irritates the lining of the vessel, causing it to swell and stick together. Some vessels will fade from view, eventually becoming barely or not at all visible. Some vessels will have vanished by the time the bandages are removed.

Several products are available to carry out this technique and each has value for different purposes. After several treatments, most patients can expect a significant improvement in treated vessels. However, the recovery process is gradual and perfection is seldom achieved. Any one area may need several treatments to progressively thin out the vessels. A few vessels will need a second treatment, and a few will not be accessible for injection at any given treatment session

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