Universal Contour Wrap

History behind the universal contour wrap™

The therapeutic properties of Dead Sea Clay and natural minerals have been known for centuries. And the origins of body wrapping dates back to the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs when people would apply mud from the Nile, wrap themselves tightly with reeds and then lie in the sun. In the 1980’s following twelve years of research by an American scientist, Dr. Richard Strem, into the history of body wrapping, and trails conducted with different detoxifying solutions, resulted in his development of the Universal Contour Wrap‘. It has since become the world’s leading Body Wrap treatment and is now available through Australia and in over 65 countries worldwide.

How the universal contour wrap™ works & how it will benefit you!

The accumulation of toxins in the body can be attributed to age, illness, medication, stress, improper diet, drinking, lack of exercise and weight loss (to name just a few).

When the skin and kidneys become overloaded with toxins, the elimination process is restricted and the body begins to store toxins in and around the fat cells. Our natural elastin and collagen which is responsible for supporting and firming the skin becomes greatly inhibited with the presence of the toxins. This results in loss of firmness and tightness, and leads to tissue having a loose, crinkly, saggy appearance, and cellulite.  The Universal Contour Wrap™ works via our largest eliminative organ; the skin. The process involves wrapping the body from head to toe (a bit like an Egyptian Mummy) with special Contour Wraps which have been soaked in an all-natural Sea Clay solution. The wraps are warm when placed onto the skin which open the pores enabling the Sea Clay to draw out (like a giant poultice) the toxins and impurities via the skin’s pores. In doing so, the skin tissue is compressed, and the skin regains it’s elasticity through being detoxified, thereby creating a smoother and firmer muscle base over which the soft tissue lies.

As well as detoxification, there is also an accumulative loss of body size as a result of the treatment. Body measurements are taken at certain key body points, and then customers are remeasured at those same points following the Universal Contour Wrap™ treatment, in order to establish what overall loss of body size has been achieved. The area where the loss occurs varies from customer to customer, and it is not always dependent on your physical size, as your weight is not necessarily a reflection of your lifestyle. While we guarantee an accumulative minimum loss of 15cm following your first wrap, many customers have achieved significantly greater accumulative body losses.

The Universal Contour Wrap™ leaves the skin more toned, and improves the appearance of cellulite, psoriasis, eczema and arthritis.

We recommend clients take a course of 3 wraps within seven to ten days between each treatment. As a result, many clients have achieved a reduction in their dress size without losing weight.

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